Filipino American 
Heritage Foundation

                                                                          2014 FAHF Activities

July 4th 2014 Summerlin Parade
                                                                                          July 4th 2014 Summerlin Parade
      Devlin Steirer in costume
    with the help of
     Jae T and Rey Espina
     July 4th 2014 Summerlin Parade
                                                                                                Jo Devlin Steirer in costume        
FAHF Officers with Kalahi Dancers
                                                                                            at the July 4th Summerlin Parade
        FAHF Officers wih Kalahi Dancers
        at the July rth Summerlin Parade

Below are images of FAHF Officers and Volunteers,
receiving orientation from Jude 22 Senior Nutrition Center
for feeding the homeless
                                        Jude 22 Senior Nutrition Center

            Philippine American Association of Summerlin 
                                 Annual Picnic 2014
                                                                             Jo Devlin Steirer, FAHF Officer with PAAS attendees
                               FAHF Officers Jo Devlin Steirer (PRO), Dr. Jun Aragon (President) and Luz Micabalo (Board of Directors) 
                                                                    representing FAHF at the PAAS Picnic September 28, 2014
                                                                            Luz, Craig (candidate for Judge), Loni and Bernie
Dahlia, Lynn and Joy
                             Bikolnon Penafrancia Event 2014
Metro volunteers, Jo, Larry Burns (candidate for Sheriff) and Dr. Jun Aragon
                 Bernie, Violy, Craig, Manny, Dr. Jun Aragon, Jenny and Tom
                                                                           Art, Tom, Stella, Larry, Linda and Bernie
 Art, Tom, Larry and Bernie
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