Golden Pearl Nomination


In August 2011, the Filipino American Heritage Foundation - Nevada (FAHF-NEVADA) established and     award to honor deserving Filipinos, Filipino-Amercans and non-Filipino Americans in Nevada.  The Gala     ceremony known as the Golden Pearl Award, is held every 2 years during the Philippine Heritage Night.

There are five main categories:

1.  Youth Achievement Award
The award is given to a Filipino or Filipino American student in Nevada (at the time of nominations) who has either excelled in academics, passion for community service, extraordinary talent and/or participated in activities that promote the Filipino heritage.
          2011: Juan Serafica
          2013: Kristina Ilagen
          2015: Open for nomination

2.  FAHF Presidential Award
This award is given to a Filipino or non-Filipino, either as individual, group, organization, or company for their consistent assistance to the local Filipino American community in Nevada.
          2011: Western Union Company
          2013: Asian Journal
          2015: Open for Nomination

3.  Philippine Heritage Award (Arts & Culture)
This award is given to a Filipino or Filipino American individual, group or organization who has contributed, participated, and promoted activities that has taught or advanced the Philippine heritage-it's history, culture, arts, tradition and positive values.
          2011: Kalahi-Philippine Folkoric Ensemble
          2013: Chef Rodolfo Jader, Jr.
          2015: Open for Nomination

4.  Community Service & Advocacy Award
This award is given to a Filipino or Filipino American individual, group or organizatin for their consistent assistance and community service to the Philippine community in the Philippines, and/or to the Filipino American community.
          2011: (Not given at this time)
          2013: Las Vegas Philippine Medical Mission, LLC
          2015: Open for nomination

5.  Professional Achievement Award
This award is given to a Filipino or Filipino American individual who has attained success in their chosen profession, has uplifted the Filipino American community in the mainstream, and has inspired others to overcome obstacles and make sacrifices to achieve their goals.
          2011: Judge Cedric Kerns
          2013: Seven Categories
Arts and Entertainment: None
                          Business & Entrepreneurship: None
                          Education Research & Technology: Dr. Rehgil Jay Tan, RN
                          Fashion and Pageantry: Fashion Designer David Tupaz
                          Health, Sports and Fitness: Dr. Noel Fajardo, MD
                          Media, Publishing and Journalism: TV Anchor Marie Montera
                          Politics, Law and Government: Judge Cheryl Moss

Each recipient of the award, either as individuals, groups, organizations or companies, must have made a difference in the Filipino American experience.  They must be nominated by an organization or group in which they are associated with.  They must have good moral character, and earn respect from their peers.  The awardees for each category must be physically present during the event.

Starting February 1, 2015, FAHF-Nevada, will accept nominations for each of the above categories and sub-categories.  The following documents are required:
1.  Name of nominated organization/group and its current head/leader.
2.  Name and resume of the nominees (individual, group, or organization)
3.  Name of award category/sub-category in which the nominees are being considered.
4.  A short essay explaining why the nominees deserve the award, and attesting their good standing in the community and has earned respect from their peers.

The above must be submitted on or before September 1, 2015, either mailed, emailed, faxed or personally hand-delivered to the address below. 
                                                        FAHF Golden Pearl Award
                                                        c/o Silver Sugano (Asst. Secretary)
                                                        2870 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 120
                                                        Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
                                                        Fax: 702.737.9522
The chosen awardees will be notified by mail no later than September 17, 2015.  Each reciepient is encouraged to submit a short written profile or a video lasting no more than 90 minutes, which may be used during the award ceremony. 

FAHF awards committee

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