Filipino American 
Heritage Foundation

Past Events-Consular Outreach


Consular Outreach held at Boulevard Mall
June 2013


L to R: Dr. Jun Aragon, Atty. Stuby, Greg, Luz and Jo 



L to R: Bobet, Jocelyn, unknown, Judge Cheryl Moss, L.A. Consul General, Maria Hellen Barber De La Vega, Luz, Dr. Jun Aragon and Jo



Standing L to R: B. Conception, M. Belen, M. Villanueva, A. Ibanez, M. Micabalo, G. Espinosa.

Sitting L to R: R. Balawag, Vice Consul, M. J. Ramirez, L. A. Consul General, M.Hellen Barber De La Vega, Dr. Jun Aragon, L.Micabalo and J. Steirer.

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